About myself and the business of commercial lifestyle photography

In the world of commercial lifestyle photography, it’s about briefs and budgets, deadlines and deliverables; the mechanics of business.

From my clients’ perspective, these things are necessary for a successful assignment and on that criteria alone, it’s a good reason to hire me.

Professionally, there is so much more.

I have to be able to create imagery that tells my clients story with flair and authenticity.

For me, this is a continuing evolution; a culmination of years of experience, both artistically and technically.

“Quality represents the wise choice of many alternatives”

From an artistic standpoint, I will spend the rest of my life growing and learning with each shot and that means I am always striving for something better each time I release the shutter. For my clients, this means their finished product is the best it can be each and every time.

Technically, in post production, the software is better than it has ever been, as the industry is driven by performance, driven by photographers who dream of the edge.

Having said that, I’m not a technical purist. I see the world through different eyes, which I feel is why my imagery works so well.

I’m sure it is a gift of sorts combined with all my years of immersion in photography, of light through the lens.

It’s a real rush for me, a place of joy when I’m in the zone and in my own world; focussed on my craft of photography.

For my clients, this assures them of a product unique to their business and elevates them to a platform that differentiates them from their competitors.